Personal Branding 1

I’m taking Marketing 4900: Digital Marketing Strategies, taught by Nate Riggs.
In this class, we are trying to build Online Personal Brand.

Marketing in The Round is one of the books
we are assigned to read in this class.
It is written by Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston.

This book Tells How companies and non-profitable organization create
their Marketing Strategies to create campaign in a time of social media with keeping one united core message.
(I found One Blogger, Beth Kanter, explained about this book more.
so you can check this blog too.)

I would like to write about how I can use the concept from this book
to build my personal brand.

I think I can divided my take away as two concepts.

  1. What I want to campaign.
  2. How I want to campaign.

This page, I only focus on “What I Want to Campaign.”

According to the book, it is very important to maintain one integrated message among all departments for marketing campaign; like a wheel. (as the picture below, which is from Beth’s Blog)

For personal brand this is important because most people (including me) has many aspects. For daily life we have several roles we should take responsible.

Also, people have backgrounds; such as something they like, interested in, hate, try, fail to do and so on. In many cases, we don’t really tell everything about them.


MITRIt is good a start for me to looking myself as a company and putting different parts of me into departments by following ideas of Marketing In The Round.

This Marketing round has 9 Departments; Advertising, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Web/Digital, Search Engine Optimization, Content, Direct Mail, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing


resume ( could be)

Public Relations:

Things I do for Japanese Student Association, and did for my work. ( what people tell and post online)

Corporate Communication:

I don’t have to communicate in order to built my personal brand. However, sometimes I should see and check what I write online actually reflects me. (Because it is very easy to make bigger stories than actually happened, mislead audience by choosing wrong words. )


Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+,Blog
Professional Side: Linkedin, Blog
Personal Side: Facebook, Pinterest

Search Engine Optimization:

having few connection with Facebook, Linkedin
* other than my name, people can’t search with google to find me.


thing written online by myself. (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
This is come from Knowledge from Working Experience In sales, and Japanese Student Association, Learning as Marketing Major in Ohio University and from Books, Looking different places as traveling.

Direct Mail:

Applying job, could be posting on someone’s sites (if I leave contact ad)

Social Media:

same as Web/Digital

Search Engine Marketing:

same as Search Engine Optimization

At this point, approaching this concept for my personal brand leaves 3 questions.

  1. How much I want to make my name easier to search online?
  2. What do I want to express online ?
  3. To whom I want to express online?

I should really think about these 3 questions and find the way to avoid problems might occur by doing something wrong. Since I’m not a company, if I put too much personal information, that would scare my life. Companies can move and change their names, logo, characters (if they have one), and places to start over. But I can’t do that. so I will leave them as future assignments.


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