Personal Branding 2

This is still for MKT4900 with Nate Riggs
About “making a personal brand online”

Also concepts from Marketing In The Round by Gini Dietrich & Geoff Livingston.

This time, I want to write about “How I want to campaign.”

This book also explains frameworks and tips for Marketing to correlate in round for how to tell about companies and/or non-profitable organization for marketing campaign.( Like a picture below; which is from Beth’s Blog)

MITR-Four-Approaches-copy-smallTop Down Influence Approaches:

This approach is about companies mainly pay to inform themselves. This way arrows companies to maintain more control.

The Groundswell:

This approach is about costumers inform about companies without payments. This way arrows companies to maintain less or no control.

Flanking Techniques:

This approach is about companies pay to inform themselves in order to make their customers to want inform about companies. ( In another words.Companies pay for marketing to make their customers existed and love enough to talk about them.)


Directly tell about companies by using E-mail, mail, and so on.

( Again, you can check Beth’s Blog.
I really think her explanation is easy to understand even for a non-native English speaker like me.)

I think this concept is a bit hard to apply everything to make a personal brand as I usually don’t pay anyone to tell about me.
However, I can still use this consents to build my personal brand.
If I think my time and effort as something I pay instead of money, There are things I can apply.

Top Down:

Sending resume and Writing/ Posting on this blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
(I have control what I do with them)


almost the most way people know about me
What my friends write/post online ( I don’t have any control. )


I can’t pay my friends to encourage or stop what they write/ post about me online. but I thin I can spend my time to fix my privacy policy setting with Facebook and Twitter.


Basally almost everything I do for my daily life; Taking with friends, posting online, sending E-mail.

At this point, to be honest I’m getting confused how I can create my personal brand as professions side. It is very hard to create my personal brand without putting my personal sides.

This concept leaves me 3 questions. Without thinking them, it is impossible and scary to start building my personal brand. so like last time, I will leave them as future assignments.

3 Questions

1, What personal brand I want to build as my professional side?

2,Which parts of my personal thins, I am fine to show?

3, which parts of my personal things, I am not comfortable to show?


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