a tip to be a good marketer

This is the video I took at one of the even for International week.
This week International Student Union is doing several events at Ohio University,
as “International Week.

Here are more reasons why I think this is good tip for you to know.

We pride ourselves on the enrichment offered through a diverse educational experience. What better way to prepare our students to go out in the world to make a difference than offering them a transformative learning experience that is more reflective of our diverse global community? Diversity in all of its forms serves to enrich the distinct educational experience of our students, faculty, and staff.

— Dr. RoderickJ. McDavis, President, Ohio University

from Ohio University website 

Today, nearly 96 percent of consumers and over two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power reside outside the United States.

This is from the Blog written by Karen Mills.

so please check it and tell me you agree or not.


One thought on “a tip to be a good marketer

  1. Another great post Nami. Well done on getting the video embedded into the post. Make sure that you go back and change the setting away from Private so that the video plays from YouTube. Again, nice work!

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