Japan and Social Media

earthAs I took an Online Marketing class with Nate Riggs. Knowing, understanding, and using social medias need hard work. Due to the fact, in Japan most social medias are relatively new. While I’m in Japan, I didn’t know what are popular social medias.

Unlike Western countries, no one social-media service is dominating the Japanese Web, and I think that may continue. Users here are using many services in parallel and switching between social-networks all the time-from Japan Times.


as they call it, has improved after the horrific earthquake and tsunami of two years ago. Since the telephone networks were not working, people turned to Twitter and Facebook to communicate. On the Twitter blog, they said that there was a 500% increase in Tweets from Japan when the earthquake hit.-Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross


Therefore, As the beginning it was hard to figure out what I supported to do. However, with Nate’s help and advice I could get ideas what I should do little by little. Therefore, I would say, it would be nice if the early weeks’ assignments have more advice for what the students are expected to do and later weeks’ assignments have less and less advice to make them think. As this is a little bit difference than usual academic classes, ( I think this is more training sessions) it is nice to let students (including me) notice the difference step by step.


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