Thinking Effects and Ethic with Online Marketing

For 15 weeks I took an Online Marketing Class with Nate Riggs. The one most thing I gained from that class is the thinking process to figure our what is the company’s strategies and tactics, and how it actually leads customers.

This time I’m writing about social media marketing of reactions for Boston tragedy, so if you are not happy tostop see anyone write anything about that. Please Go Back from this page. (if you happen to find this page, I’m very sorry.)

Several days ago I found this post( which is bottom of this blog) at Facebook Group, I love Marketing (アイラブマーケティング).

They explained that the poster is made with four companies for New Balance, Nike, Puma, and Adidas to honor of Boston Tragedy.
Before I took the class, I would not care very much for one little post. But this time it made me think “how this poster could affect images of these four companies and with what media they posted this?”

Therefore, I checked Nike and Puma websites and Facebook pages but I didn’t see this poster. so several days ago  I posted the questions to the Facebook group, I love Marketing (アイラブマーケティング),  by telling “Did four companies really make this poster? I couldn’t find at Nike and Puma websites.” Today, I got reply; According to them “As they asked Adidas Japan, they were told four companies officially made this.

Then, now it back to my original question “How this poster could affect images of these four companies and with what media they posted this?”While I was checking this poster is official or unofficial. I found several argument comments about “Ethic and Marketing (responsibility of a company)”  I saw several positive comments and negative comments.

Not sure if they are actually trying to do communicate a positive message or just using a tragedy for marketing purposes.

Nike, Adidas, New Balance & Puma, where are you everday in Syria, Iraq, Mali, Afghanistan etc.? Not enough people in those countries who could actually buy your products?

I say companies should stay away from campaigns like this. The purposes are just too unclear and often reveal the uglier face of capitalism.-Com_Truise

I think it was done in relation to the fact that it happened during a running race. It’s in their ball park, so it’s in their best interests. These aren’t humanitarian companies, they’re shoe manufacturers; and they’ll capitalize where they can. Having said that, it is a nice sentiment.-Oscare Wafield

Both comments are from HYPEBEAST.

This is one of the most difficult questions to simply be judged as ethical or unethical. Also as Oscare Wafield mentioned, sometimes Companies may have to take actions for these cases. This made me to consider how company react these situation without being unethical or hurting anyone’s feeling.

I found Augie Ray was writing on his blog “Three Steps to improve Ethics in Social Media Marketing” He provided several companies actions as example of reactions for Boston tragedy and explained how company could use social media in terms of ethical way.  

3 steps to improve companies’ use of social media in ethical way from Augie Ray

  1. Read and understand regulations and guide line for Marketing Ethics
  2. Be aware that measure engagements with fun is not the only thing matters to make a brand
  3. Always be True 

I agree with his idea that gaining “LIke”, “Follow”, and “Retweet” is not the only thing Marketer should consider; they also need to consider responsibility and ethics when they make a marketing strategy.

How about you? What do you thin why these four companies make this poster? What is your opinion for their actions?



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