About テーマ

This is a blog I’m writing to share what I see in Japan & the U.S.,
As a Student of Marketing Major in American University.

5 things motivated me

  1. As Japan and the U.S. have different cultures,
    the marketing strategies should be different.
  2. (although) I’m only learn Marketing in the U.S.
    So I need to adapt what I learn into Japanese Markets.
  3. I think there are something I can find to improve
    in terms of international marketing as being a student, and a consumer.
  4. International Business become more and more popular.
  5. My experiences
    (Working in Japan for several years involving sales,
    Learning Marketing in the U.S.
    also, Love traveling)

What I want to do with this Blog
By sharing Uniqueness, Differences, and Similarities
in JPN and the U.S. with my knowledge of Marketing,

I hope it will help me to understand what I can do with my knowledge and experiences.

Also, I hope this will help inspiring someone who are interesting in international business.

EmBe79 from flickr

EmBe79 from flickr


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