Looks alike with Global Brand Clothes ?

Global Brand makes the World less difference and board? IMG_0821

 When I was in a mall in U.K. this is the first thing I came up with.
Because at that time, I finally realized , at the places I visited (Japan, U.S, U.K,Taiwan, Hung Kong) their malls looks the same.Moat malls have the same global brands, and those stores look exactly the same. 

Thinking about Global Brand for Apparel. 

Recently I read a book “the Global Brand“by  Nigel Hollis
In this book, the author mentions that one of the key ideas is taking a balance between the accepts of brand to be simply exported and need to be localized. 

I also found Brand VanVuken mentions that

They must understand the customer need(s) that the product or service will address through qualitative research.

The essence of a brand should remain the same over time and globally. Other than that, anything else about the brand may need to adapt to the local culture.

then, How a company makes their clothes localized?
Does company change their design? or take different operation strategy?

As far as I saw, all brands carry the same clothes in a store. Really carry the items sale in only one certain area. The stores carry their clothes for the target customers according to their preference of style and ages.

“The thing I’m struck by is the common customer profile that I see in all of our stores around the world,” Ms. Sadler said, describing customers as “not fashion-forward but fashion-aware … tech-savvy but not tech-forward.” The median age is 32, though customers also include recent graduates.

Culture Vulture mentions that the other clothing brand catarrh, has 8,000 stores in North America and Europe, that is one of the successful companies who localized their business. They mentions that they invested for the local partners to be able to understand their business and work easier. Sears create facebook for people to be more related their local stores.

This represents for apparel business, localizing their business means more about operations sides. Therefore, in a store, we find the same clothes at any places. To conclude I say “yes, if more apparel companies go to international business, we will wear the same clothes at everywhere.”

Now I come back to the question, “Do I think that is boring?”-yes, I do.

“Am I the only person who think that way?” -perhaps no.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, many scholars and anthropologists worry that each society’s unique heritage—especially those societies that don’t have the influence of United States or Europe—will be lost.  

I think I would feel a bit sad if I travel around the world and see everyone’s style is alike.