Marketing with My Career

Ohio University from FlickerWhen I was a freshman in Ohio Unversity, My marketing career begging.
I become a friend with who has a talent of talking. (I believe he can sell umbrellas in a desert.) He told how interesting and fantastic Marketing is to me.
At that time I was looking for a subject I can get advantage of learning in the U.S.
so I thought Marketing was the perfect subject to learn. Moreover, He told me if I like socializing and organizing events then marketing is the perfect subject to be major. s

so I chose my major as Marketing.

As my send year, I became a Publicity of Japanese Student Association and my friend became a president. At this time I could adapt the knowledge I learned from business classes so I was happyHowever, With other officers we straggled to invited our members for our events. That time my main focus became Advertising. I tried several ways, attending socialized events to announce about our events, sending E-mails, asking friends to announce to their friends. Bud we didn’t succeed very much.

So this experience made me to think about good way to announce and attract people.

4376603648_662343e270_oMy third year, I had to leave Ohio University. And I started working as sales person for advertisements( this was my first job) in Japan. My main clients were small business companies or small factories, and few quite large companies. I was working for a publisher which makes advertisement mail;. The main sales point of our service is collecting expected customer’s information. As their readers resent the mails to get product catalogs, they provide their contact information.
It was interesting for me to sell this service in that time because that is the time a lot of companies mentioned they wanted to use internet effectively but not sure how to use it. I explained them that managers in companies are usually elder people and they don’t use internet very much, so if you want to sell your products to them. Online advertisement may not be perfect way. In that time, many people agreed my point and made advertisement mails. However, some companies mentioned “as they keep their customer E-mail address, they don’t need our service. Sending E-mail is less expensive way.” I thought that is true so I asked other clients how they keep their customer information (include expected customers; interested in the products but not yet buy any). Most companies told me after they made few phone calls, they didn’t do any. so I always advised them to follow-up. However, that made me to think that the use of our advertisement. I thought if they could use their Web-site or search-engine service effectively, they could gain more customer’s information.

So My interest moved into the use of combining online advertisement and paper advertisement. (but my company wasn’t very much interested in starting online advertisement at that time, so I left.)

nami-pic 311
I chose next job as a sales stuff for apparel clothes.

I chose this job because…

1. The company has quite good website(As a customer, I thought their website looks neat)
2. They send paper advertisements to announce their customers sales information.
3. That company is famous for trying something new.
4. As I worked for B2B business, I wanted to work for B2C business. ( because the last job made me realized that even for B2B business, we have to attract managers. so it might be interesting to know how retail stores attracts their customers.)

I liked seeing what they do.
Things I like About their advertisement( or Marketing )

1. To advertise, they often uses not only actors or actress but also lpinists, movie directors, and so on ( who are not well-known but have their dreams .)
( I thought it makes their image bland become more relevant for customers)

2. Even weekend the store has sales, so without flyers advertisements customers come.
3. They tried several way to provides coupons with cell phone as seeking the use of new technology. ( such as become their members, busing certain products to get the cords, or special backgrounds for cell phones.)
(This is very interesting to see how this new trying could lead the store confused. This touch me the importance of operation. )

Things I dislike
1. They change their website too often and hard to find anything.
2. The poster and Web pictures mainly uses 20-30 aged people as their models.
3. To display the clothes (The company want to sell the most), we had to change placement everyday. so if customers return the store in several days, the placement of clothes are changed very much.

1. The company keep telling they want to make clothes for all ages. bud my store’s main customers are mostly age 30-40. ( so many people disappointed with the image the poster and website provided.)
2. Most costumers complained the website are not customer-friendly. They often said they never be able to find anything.

They need to consider the segment age more.

3. Because of changing placement too often, customers have problems when they come back to a store to busy specific items. It takes so much time to find for them or they have to find someone to ask.

This is not something dislike or like, just I thought interesting.

Even thought the company try to make clothes for everyone, young people, age 10-20, say our clothes are for more older people, and older people 30-80 say our clothes are for younger people.

My store’s sale wasn’t very good, so I started checking sales data of my store and other stores as I was hoping to find any solution for it.
With that data, I suggested several ideas but I couldn’t figure out how it actually worked. I didn’t know how to measure effectiveness of my suggestions and even the weakness of my store. The store manager was the only teacher to help me but she was busy and didn’t know much neither.

so I decided come back to Ohio University to learn more about marketing.

7432323916_9750d3c0e8I really enjoyed Marketing Research classes. but Ohio University didn’t provide any other classes which related that, so I talked with my professor of that class. I also told her my experiences in a business field. She recommended me to take MKT4900 to learn about internet marketing. She told me this class can provide knowledge of internet advertisements and that involved with numbers, so I might find interesting learning it. ( As I am not sure I want to be a marketing researcher or not, she also told me it might be good to learn about many marketing methods to expand knowledge.)

so now I’m learning about internet marketing.